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Domestic call

  • Tokyo-kanto area TEL:053-486-3155
  • Osaka-Kansai area TEL:053-486-3157
  • kyushu area TEL:0942-41-1656
  • All area FAX:053-486-3156

The call from the area other than Japan(e-mail only)

How to order(We ask for the order to us by an E-mail)

  • Please order as early as possible.
  • Please inform us of your name, division name, desired animals species, strain, sex, age(week)or body weight(refer to growth curve), number of animals, date of delivery and address.
  • Attention(the call from the area other than Japan(e-mail only))
    Could you let me know about your laboratory's criteria for accepting mice or rats from abroad?
    The supply is only male.
    The breeding is prohibited.
    We perform the shipment through World Courier Tokyo.
    We arrange the shipment after the payment from the your abode was confirmed.


  • As the age specification of mice and rats, 4-week old animals are defined to be 27-30 days old animals. Individual variation of age will be set as of within 3 days on shipping. As the age specification for guinea pigs,4-weeks old animals are defined to be 26-30 days old animals.
    Individual variation of birth date will be set as of within 5 days on shipping.
  • When the week age of a desired animal is specified,animals will be selected so as to set their body weights in as small a range as possible.
  • when body weight is specified, body weight range at time of shipping of mice, rats and guinea pigs will be set within ±1g, ±10g and 25g,respectively.

Particular specifications of animals

  • Retired animals, Pregnant animals, suckling animals and litter animals are avail-able upon request.

Fees for packaging and delivery

  • An additional transportation fee will be charged for long distance airmail delivery.
  • An additional packaging fee will be charged in cases of small number orders.
  • For further information, please contact us(Sales Department or information Desk).
  • When cancellation is unavoidable,you are kindly requested to inform us by 3 days before shipping.

Sales and deliveries

Inspections at the time of shipment
  • Body weights are measured, outward appearances inspected, and sexes and the number of animals confirmed.
  • Animals taken out from the breeding room for shipment are re-confirmed as to their species, strain, age in weeks, body weight, sex, and number as instructed by the shipment instruction form and similarly duplicated on the supply label.
    They are housed in a delivery box on which the supply label is pasted.
  • Quick delivery service is accomplished through the nation-wide delivery service network consisting of our Tokyo, Kyoto, Kyushu delivery centers, Sankyo Labo Service Corporation ,and other four representative agents.
  • Animals are transported in specially designed air-conditioned vehicles at adjusted compartment temperature between 10~18℃. Transportation on aircraft is utilized for long distance delivery.
    In order to maintain the healthy state of animals from shipment through delivery,all the shipment rooms, delivery boxes, and air conditioned transportation vehicles are under stringent sanitary control,and all animals are handled with animal welfare in mind throughout the delivery processes.