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* National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Guinea pig


Source National Institute of Infectious Diseases(1959)
Coat color Albino
  • SPF animals of this strain were produced by hysterectomy and artificial suckling.
  • Rapid growth rate,high reproductive potential.
    This strain is widely used in biomedical research and bioassays.


Source Hoshino Laboratory Animals, Inc.(2010)
  • Coat Color:Brown
  • It can be used for a study of skin.
  • This animal has a melanin.


Slc:NZW(New Zealand White)

Source First cohabitation was outbred by random mating of 20 males and 20 females,and thereafter, the first SPF animal was produced by hysterectomy and artificial suckling in 1987.
Coat color Albino
  • Rapid growth rate, gentleness in nature.
    This strain is widely used in biomedical research and bioassays.


Source Parent animals are periodically obtained from CSK Research Park and SPF animals are produced(1990).
Coat color Albino
  • This animal having large external ears is suited for pyrogen tests and toxicity test.



Source The Nippon Institute for Biological Science(1978)
  • The most frequently used species after mouse and rat, especially in the fields of cancer and hyperlipidemia.
  • SPF animals available(1990)

Mongolian gerbil


Source Institute of medical Science,University of Tokyo(1989)
Coat color Black agouti
  • Widely used a model with many characteristics suitable for research on aging, behavior,learning, and cerebral infarction
  • A model highly susceptible to infection by Helicobacter pylori

Disease Models

Myocardial disease

J2N-n (Control)

Source N-strain(1997)
K-strain(1998) Kowa Co.Ltd.
Coat color Himalayan
  • Myocardial disease



Source Nippon Institute for Biological Science
Coat color Hairless
  • Of skin, clinical, and, it's used for spadeworks and development studies of the transdermal absorption type medical supplies, etc. (There are a hairless mouse and thymus gland.)
  • UV irradiation test
  • Bedsore model


Macaca fascicularis



Micromini pig

① Pig (hog)
② Mini-pig
③ Micromini pig