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PMI Diets

PMI Nutrition International(USA) has the history more than establishment of a business 100 years,and it is biggest animal diets maker of the world that acquired FSSC22000.

When a GLP standard was enforced,PMI discussed it with FDA and developed certified products first in the world. These diets are used for examinations of GLP all over the world and are available anywhere. Experiments are possible with same diets.

Certified products are analyzed of various pollutants before shipment and these are cleared the maximum permission value.
Certified diets
・Rodents(Mouse/Rat/Hamster)・Guinea pig・Rabbit・Dog・Monkey
All products are produced in the Richmond factory of the State of Indiana and don't use a drug and an antibiotic at all in this factory,and it is produced under the severe product management.

The one lot of certified products divides it with 600 bags. When PMI pack it in a bag every 600bags, they take out a sample from each bag automatically and analyze it. PMI cryopreserve this sample for one year and cope with an inspection of FDA. In other words management of the lot gets high reliability very strictly in comparison with Japan.

We link the Japanese exclusive representation to PMI Nutrition Internatinal, and do the sale of their products, please let me know, we send a pamphlet and products sample.